Privacy Policy

Areen BDC is committed to protect rights of all its users. We hereby commit to keep critical information secret. This announcement has been prepared regarding security and privacy to illustrate the mechanism followed in collecting and publishing information on Areen BDC Website.


Collecting and Using Information

Our servers work automatically on catching IP addresses of the portal’s users (the IP address is the number related to your PC, it allows other PCs connected with Internet to identify the source of data in addition to collecting some information about the explorer, search engines but with no identification of personal identity.)

Using IP address helps us to solve any problems arising in our Servers including statistics about using our Portal (number of users, language of the PC used). We never allow any other party except the concerned technical team of Areen BDC websites, to know about your IP address.


Secure Information Transmission

We assure you that this portal depends on the highest security standards to protect your information. We diligently work on encrypting information regarded as critical (i.e. credit card numbers) in addition to any data that should be kept secret pursuant to legal requirements.


Cookies Files

We may save (cookies) files on your own PC when you firstly visit our portal. Cookie files are a part of data that easily specify you as a user. They can be used to promote your utilization of the portal and to better understand needs of the majority of the portal’s users.

Most explorers are prepared to accept cookies as a default. You also can re-configure settings of your explorer to refuse all such cookies or to alert you when sending them to your PC. Some services illustrated on Areen BDC website cannot properly work if you refuse the related cookies. We may or may not link information saved within the cookies with any identification information offered through our portal.


Protecting Personal Information

Your personal information will not be available except for government officials when a need arises. Such information will never be available for the public without your prior consent. Besides, such information will not be circulated, exchanged nor sold to any other party without your prior consent. We only allow our experts and qualified officials to deal with such information for providing services of the Areen BDC website which come consistent with your needs.


The right to Know, Modify or Correct Personal Data

Any user, who previously provided us with information, has the full right to know about, modify or correct his own personal information. Changing personal information can be done through the Areen BDC website However, a request to change such information can be electronically sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Other Websites

This approach relating to privacy is only applied on Areen BDC website, when you move to any other website through, you should read carefully the privacy approach applied on that website to know about information security and privacy procedures followed there.

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