Sales Management Services

Areen BDC Sales Management Services are outsourced sales services tailor-made to your company's needs.

Our sales professionals are committed to develop the sales activities of our clients on the growing markets in MENA. We work in collaboration with Areen BDC’s business consultants thus benefiting from their know-how and contacts.

Areen BDC Sales Management Services have been developed for companies planning to increase their current MENA markets exposure and presence, with minimal investment in major local sales structures.

For such companies, sales outsourcing is the perfect cost-effective solution.

We provide highly flexible services that can meet your every need - from basic representation services to larger initiatives requiring the development and implementation of well-targeted marketing plans.



Reducing costs


If you would like to rapidly increase your revenues and profits without incurring the costs, risks or hassle associated with hiring sales persons, sales outsourcing could be the solution for your organization. Outsourcing sales reduces your company's immediate sales cost since it will not be required to engage in expensive cross border trips, sales recruitment processes or renting expensive office facilities. Our services offer a low cost opportunity to start up your business on various markets.


Business efficiency

Business Efficiency

Our business solutions enable your company to focus on its core business areas, to develop and produce high quality services and products, while our sales specialists focus on developing your sales activities in MENA.




Areen BDC sales specialists have an in-depth knowledge of MENA markets and local business culture.They benefit from Areen BDC’s long-standing experience and contacts with local distributors, customers and government agencies. Our extensive sales experience spans numerous industries from retail to manufacturing and b2b services. Our sales specialists apply their highly specialized communication, sales and marketing skills to access your target markets. They will be at any given time physically present wherever it is required for your sales. Our specialists understand the needs of the Western companies and Western corporate culture and we therefore adapt our practices to specific situations and implement appropriate solutions taking account local conditions.


Best Practices


Areen BDC sales specialists always apply and comply with best sales practices. We have improved systems and processes to closely monitor sales trends and get a better understanding of various markets. The customer can see real time and online how the sale is progressing and can get a regular reports and analysis from CRM. Areen BDC offers flexible solutions that meet your company's current needs, while taking into account future evolvement. We provide a wide range of business support services for every step of your Saudi Arabia business operations. Our unique solutions enable your business to grow without constraints, bringing your presence in MENA to the next level, if you so require. Further, we could assist you in setting up your sales department or representative office using the very same specialists who have worked with you during the outsourcing phase.

Areen BDC Sales Management Services including:

  1. Meeting with the customer to define the requirements and goals
  2. Analysis of requirements
  3. Market research
  4. Identifying the most suitable specialists for your assignment
  5. Customized approach (training / start-up)
  6. Determining and implementing sales / export strategies (advisory services)
  7. Business promotion and development services / sales activities
  8. Regular reporting
  9. Marketing services (in collaboration with our partners)

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