Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a comprehensive system that gives results in marketing, sales, and customer service.

CRM actually allows learning more about customer needs and behaviors thus permitting to develop stronger relationships with customers.

CRM consists of numerous technological components, It is more accurate to see CRM as a process bringing together lots of pieces of information about customers, trends, responsiveness, sales, and marketing in general.

CRM is currently the main tool used to build better customer relationships, to get existing clients to buy more, and to gain new customers. The only way to succeed and build a sustainable business is to apply a customer-oriented approach.



  CRM Main Benefits

  • Manage contact database and get better understanding of customer needs and interests.
  • Work with current customers, target activities, make timely and appropriate offers to increase sales volumes;
  • Plan and forecast sales for appropriate allocation of resources and actions
  • Control marketing costs: lower costs with current level of activities or more activities with existing cost
  • Control incoming payments: better understanding of receivables and cash flow.
  • Manage work through timesheets allowing understanding work productivity and related income.
  • Also allows correct allocation of time for specific tasks, which is one of the keys to success.

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