Financial, Administration and Legal Services

How organizations manage their business today will define their competitive position tomorrow. We offer integrated, objective advisory services that are designed to help you make better decisions about how you operationally manage business and transactions in MENA market. Financial, Administration and Legal Services are of the prime areas of business administration to be outsourced. Areen BDC is offering value-added services with a consulting edge. This way we, in reality, take care of the client's financial management and reporting needs, resolve problems, clear hurdles and break the barriers which lie between a good business strategy and profit. Our service is including:

  • Management Advisory 
  • Internal Auditing
  • Tax Consultation
  • Law & Legal Advisory
  • Distribution and Franchising
  • Labor and Employment Outsourcing

  • Saudi Food and Drug Authority (Representation & Registration)

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We provide best-in-class business consulting services that develop, grow and strengthen your business. To grow and develop your business, we are here to help.

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We have a clean and promising past track record as one of the best Business Development Consultants.


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