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Areen Business Development & Consultations Co. ltd (Areen BDC) is a unique provider for business development and consultation services for any business that wants to enter a new market or industry in order to sell well targeted products or services. Areen BDC Marketing's role is to help our clients maximize their profitability by applying the correct business strategies to the environment where they operate. We enable this by conducting thorough market research of all essential aspects of the business. Our services extend to media monitoring services, outsourced sales management, customer relationship management services, and many other value-added marketing services.


Our services include:


Market Research

Market Research serves as an essential platform for the development of well-planned business decisions as it provides a clear acumen of the environment.


Sales Management Service

Areen BDC Sales Management Services are outsourced sales services tailor-made to your company's needs.


Customer Relationship Management

CRM actually allows learning more about customer needs and behaviors thus permitting to develop stronger relationships with customers.


Financial, Administration and Legal

AREEN BDC Accounting provides professional services designed to overcome cross-cultural challenges in all accounting and financial administration issues

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We provide best-in-class business consulting services that develop, grow and strengthen your business. To grow and develop your business, we are here to help.

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Our Services

We have a clean and promising past track record as one of the best Business Development Consultants.


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