MEDICA in Düsseldorf, Germany, 12-15 November 2014

The MEDICA is getting close! From 12th to 15th November the world's largest trade fair for medicine and medical technology will open its gates in Düsseldorf. Many visitors and exhibitors will fill the halls this year again. On we already present some exciting research topics that you can take a look yourself during the fair. Read about current issues in wound healing, diabetes and imaging in our topic of the month. Welcome to the MEDICA 2014!


MEDICA EDUCATION CONFERENCE : Preventing diabetes from affecting the kidneys

ovember 14, 2014 is World Diabetes Day – and MEDICA is also concerned with this metabolic disorder: several lectures at the MEDICA EDUCATION CONFERENCE are dedicated to the so-called “sugar disease” that affects 382 million people worldwide. The Conference addresses the damages caused by the disease, its prevention and therapy.


Xenon magnetic resonance imaging: making pathological changes in the body visible

As an imaging procedure, magnetic resonance tomography has become essential in clinical practice, since it can easily make organs and tissue visible. However, until now abnormal cancer cells or small centers of inflammation remained almost invisible. Now cell biologists from Berlin, Germany, have succeeded in fixing this problem with xenon magnetic resonance imaging.


Wound treatment with fish skin

The treatment of chronic wounds is extremely problematic. Chronic wounds can take months or years to heal and some even never heal resulting in over 100.000 amputations taking place annually in the US alone. A new technology from Iceland, that is based on fish skin and is already used clinically, allows for improved healing of chronic and burn wounds.


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